Monday, 31 October 2016

if i could fly

if i could fly I would fly back to china to see my grandparents. I would go all by myself. I would make a flying car and the car will have wings that could transform.  it would look like a drone but with a car.
it could fly very fast becouse it has jet packs and had auto pilot. it will be an hour to get to china.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

light and colour

if you put 3 mirrors around and shine a laser you can see the 3 dots on the mirror because it reflect to each other.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

           The lost man >_< ._.
Deep in a blanket of snow cold and worried a man is
lost in the arctic. Keeping warm with a bunch of clothes.   
He was exploring deep in the cold and bitter land.

Worried Jack plunged his ice pick deep into the snow, pulling himself along. Ice and snow speeding past, Jack kept going, he won’t give up. The snow kept building up higher. The snowstorm was getting bigger and bigger. the snow was gaining more height. It was getting very dark Jack had snow goggles on so can see where he's going but he can’t see, because he had some snow on his goggles.

Jack cleared the snow from his goggles. And saw a snowy white polar bear with a big angry face. Jack ran away as quick as he can but he fell in a hole. His leg was stuck.. He remember he had some fish and he took one of the fish out and threw it so the polar bear can go away and leave him alone.
He started to collect a lot of snow around him. So he can  make a snow shelter so he can keep warm. Once he was finished he was warm and then he turn the torches on inside the snow shelter. And put some torches outside.

Days past by…… low on hunger and the snow storm was getting bigger.  

In the middle of the night Jack woke up he was getting so cold,the water was frozen.

shelter. The man took some tools to make the hole bigger where his leg was stuck and pulled him up.

He helped  Jack to his snowmobile and he started the snowmobile on and took him back to base.But jack fell asleep the Next day Jack woke up and heard a snowmobile  Jack was saying help help help me!
Jack turn the torches on so the person can see the light and where he is. So the person destroyed the snow

He helped  Jack to his snowmobile and he started the snowmobile on and took him back to base.

The T-rex  was a dinosaur that lived on Earth for years and year about 65 to 70 million years ago. They Lived around USA, Canada and Asia and grew up to 12m long.


The T-Rex has a huge body. With over 60 thick, bone crunching teeth which were up to 23cm long! Its jaws were massive growing up to 1.2 m long. Tyrannosaurus had two proper functioning fingers, plus a smaller finger. The Tarbosaurus is very similar to the T-Rex, but it has a larger head with a shallower snout a lower, jaw as well as slightly smaller teeth,.


                     How they eat
The first two legged dinosaur was a Meat-eating dinosaur.
The T-Rex ate from other animals and dinosaurs. T-rex is a predator (hunted and killed it's own food). Some say t-rex was fast and could easily catch it’s own meal.

They didn't just eat different dinosaurs but they ate each other! Paleontologists from the United States and Canada found some giant bite marks, which were found on other t-rexs bones, which means they ate each other.

             How did T-Rex go extinct

The T-Rex went extinct during K-T mass extinction about 65 million years ago.This killed all remaining dinosaurs (not just t-rex) and many other animal and plant groups.
The powerful impact which probably broke the Earth's crust, caused big natural disasters and acid rains or big tsunamis which caused the dinosaurs to die.

The T-Rex is a huge predator, that is interesting to learn about because they are dangerous. I hope you enjoyed learning about the T-Rex.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

we put lemon on the white bread and it turned very different  it changed a lot.

we found a pink mould and a lot of mould on the bread.